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Title: Thin Blue Line Project
Post by: Victor Laslow on October 27, 2013, 08:26:14 PM

Thin Blue Line Project

Empowering our law enforcement professionals: Announcing “The Thin Blue Line Project”

A Special Message from
Brigitte Gabriel, President

Because today, it’s my great pleasure to announce the launch of a project we’ve been working on for over a year – one that could change the course of anti-terrorism strategies and tactics!

We call it “ACT! for America Education’s Thin Blue Line Project.”

The “thin blue line” is a reference to the line of law enforcement officers that stands between the law-abiding and the law-breaking.

Forward this email and link to everyone you know, especially those in law enforcement – active or retired!! 
Unfortunately, thanks to suffocating political correctness in our country, most law enforcement professionals aren’t getting the information, materials and training they need to effectively understand and fight Islamist terrorism.

This is why we’re launching “The Thin Blue Line Project,” a one-of-a-kind project designed by law enforcement for law enforcement (please see the video introduction at the bottom).


(Note: Access to the entire site is for active or
retired law enforcement, by registration only).

This password-access only website for law enforcement professionals gives them all the information they’re not now getting from the politically correct higher-ups in DHS and the FBI.

•Who and what is the Muslim Brotherhood?
•What is the Muslim Brotherhood plan for America, and why is knowing this important?
•What is jihad and how does this relate to terrorism?
•What kinds of covert and disinformation campaigns are being used by Muslim Brotherhood front organizations to advance sharia law and jihad?
•How are law enforcement “outreach” programs frequently used by Muslim Brotherhood operatives and their allies to co-opt law enforcement officers – especially the leaders?
•What is the role that local and state law enforcement can play in preventing terrorism?
•Who and where are the radical individuals and organizations in America?
•What are the best tactics and techniques for law enforcement to use in discovering, preventing and prosecuting terrorist activity?
•And much, much more!

Here’s a shot of the radicalization locator map:
I guarantee you – this project is NOT politically correct!!!

Had FBI agents understood the role that jihad plays in terrorism, maybe they would have stopped Tamerlan Tsarnaev before he blew up the Boston Marathon.

Here’s what an FBI special agent said about “The Thin Blue Line Project.”

 Since the FBI has decided to eliminate evidence/fact-based training on the threat to America from the Global Islamic Movement and Jihad, and replace it with more politically sensitive training which neither addresses the threat nor gives agents and officers the ability to pursue those threats, The Thin Blue Line Project should be the go-to place for everyone in law enforcement and all those with national security duties.

So I encourage you, get the word out to everyone you know – especially those in law enforcement. If you’re not in law enforcement, you can check out the home page here, and you can encourage law enforcement professionals to sign up for access to the site.

If you are or have been in law enforcement, please register today!

Because what you’ll learn on this site will make America – and your community – safer from the threat of radical Islam.