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Post by: Victor Laslow on January 08, 2014, 06:42:49 PM


Please listen....this will open your eyes as to why our country is in trouble.
Remember the Pilgrims?  Gov. Bradford learned that under 'socialism' with a 'common farm' many refused to work knowing that the others would feed them he gave each a couple of acres and said...plant & harvest your own food and the colony prospered and survived.
Ancient Rome's Republic collapsed under the weigh of a huge 'welfare class' and we are headed there....thanks to policies like free Obama Phone, 47 million on food stamps, government encouraging illegals to take advantage of the system, etc.
And can you guess which party will always get her vote?
 Would you say welfare is addictive? …..

This is a must listen:

Initially I thought this was a joke or even a set up but  this is real.  I am speechless.  One can see why America is on a slippery slope unless our welfare system is changed.