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Title: Obama Has More Plans For Us
Post by: marahal on October 02, 2009, 10:49:35 PM
Obama Has More Plans For Us

Remember education, now we will see another part of his plan, we see more and more the beginning of the indoctrination of our young people. This indoctrination is to increase with longer school hours for what will be with no doubt classes in SOCIAL ACTIVISEM 

Yes Obama is not the savior of ethnic Americans but their task master with the whip of oppressive ignorance that has the shape of free bread, free housing and affirmative action.
Without knowledge people will never even know what they can achieve. Instead they only consider success possible by being a sports legend or winning the lotto, or worse, dealing in contraband. Finding salvation in gangs is another way out. 

Education is the only way to create wealth. To spread the wealth will not create wealth, it is the way to restrict advancement.

People who have been for generations told over and over. You have no chance, no way to survive without the welfare that we your taskmasters can provide.
Ergo, if you tell a child he is a loser often enough, he will believe it, he will live it.

The most pitiful disgusting thing I have recently witnessed over the web, was a young man, a studious child who fought the system who had begun his rise out of the ghetto through academia, was viciously murdered by the people who I have described earlier, Other victims, children who have been instructed only in Social ACTIVISM by the system that enslaves them, the system that will not educate them, but enlists these same unfortunate people and uses them as fodder for the socialist movement. The cycle continues.

What good does it do when you can’t spell, as you can see many of the signs his followers held up at rallies have been misspelled, most all except for the professionally printed signs provided by socialist backed unions.
This is what the GAMALIEL FOUNDATION and socialist organizations like ACORN exist for. Acorn, a branch which belongs to a tree called ignorance. Instructs the underprivileged to abuse the government rather then take advantage of the education the government had intended. Academics are the answer not Fundamental Change in government through SOCIAL ACTIVISM.

Instead of promoting a free Republic, Comrade Obama went with the dumb down America tactics; all to achieve a fundamental Change in our democratically elected Government. The good that comes from Social Activism is only for the oligarchy, the Socialist masters