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Title: Dave. V. Palin.
Post by: Victor Laslow on July 01, 2009, 05:17:47 PM
Enough is enough no more double standards

The past couple of nights we have invited a so called comedian who shall not be named, ah tuff, he does not rate anonymity his name is David Letterman into our homes. He continued his rants against Sarah Palin. However these past two nights of insults were totally out of line. Using his ignorance, this man with nothing intelligent to say turned to his insensitive wit.

While this highly successful distinguished and extremely busy woman had done something Letterman wouldn't even think of, she made and has taken the time to bring her child out to experience the greatest of all American pastimes a game of baseball. What made this extremely iniquitously lewd and disgusting was his intense continued degradation of a young girl, a 14 year old child that brought this amateurs true depraved thoughts to light. On realizing his sexual extremism had gone to far he changed the gist of the joke.

"Oh I meant the 18 year old daughter".

I guess an 18 year old girl getting degraded, sexually abused or raped is acceptable to him as that's the story he is sticking with. Maybe his cognitive abilities have been diminished. A 62 year old man that makes light of what would be considered the rape of a 14 year old girl or to any girl to main stream television and consider it hilarious even worse expected.

A man who fathered a child at approx. 60 yrs of age who would not could not and did not think of being around in a healthy enough state to take this boy out as a young teen and teach him how to play ball let alone take his boy to a ball game, or even have coherent thoughtful talks as he grows into his adolescence and how to grow into a responsible productive citizen, how to respect any female and how to show respect to everybody. He should not have the right to articulate his delusional degrading thoughts of sex of any kind with minors in any manner to the public over the F.C.C. controlled air waves.

I think it was also out of line to insinuate that Alex Rodriguez is just hanging out at the bull pen waiting for young girls to come by so he can have sex with them right there. I do not know if Alex appreciated being called a child molester on national television but I do doubt he did. I think that Letterman owes him an apology as well.

The fact is he should not have the outlet he enjoys to belittle others who don't believe as he does. I know writing to the in the pocket networks will provide no satisfaction at all so instead I think we should watch the Letterman show one more time and document all advertisers and then propose a nationwide write in campaign to boycott these advertised products until they no longer support David Letterman. You've heard this before, if you want results follow the money.  Contact Letterman sponsors and inform them you are not going to use their products until they stop sponsoring Letterman.


Title: Re: Dave V. Palin
Post by: Mark on July 11, 2009, 04:05:20 PM
I Remember Heshi

While growing up in N.Y. in a single parent home I was fortunate to have people that loved and cared about me, People like Heshi. He was my closest friend’s father, I called him Pops and I called his wife Moms, and their daughter was my closest confidante.

As an adolescent I had a small 65cc Honda motor cycle and would ride it in the back driveways of our apartment complexes, I did not have a license at 15 but Heshi would take the time and watch me ride and cheer me on.

And how did I repay him? Well one day while giving his daughter a ride I was showing off with no hands on the handle bars, this allowed me to pretend to grope at the girl behind me just to show my Pops what I could do with the girls. Now when I stopped and said, "See what I can do pops."

He did not smile he just said with a sigh, "That’s my daughter", his head went down almost to the point were his chin hit his chest he turned and went up to his apartment. You know I apologized even though it was not necessary, this loving man knowing teenagers and me; he had forgiven me as soon as he it happened. He even helped me write my final final English report on Horse Soldiers so I could graduate.

Nothing could change the fact I knew how I insulted him and hurt his feelings. To my dying day I will never forget the disappointment in his eyes. Heshi I am so very sorry and I pray for you often. Thank you for being there for me and the love you gave me.

Now it just so happens that Heshi had taken his daughter age then age 14 to the 1969 Mets game I think it was the World Series. And as I watched David Letterman the night he said what he did about Sarah Palins 14 year old little girl, in my mind I could not help but go back to when I was 15, I thought of how Heshi would have felt if David Letterman had made his remark about Heshi’s little girl at the game. Again I saw that same face, and I cried.

The fact is Letterman would not apologize, not with meaning. It was wrong and I do not believe that David Letterman would even lose one minute's sleep over it, I would say all he thought of is how can I degrade her some more. I was a kid and I realized how I hurt a man that was better then I ever will be, but Letterman is a fully grown adult with an audience of millions. You could even see the glee on his face; he enjoyed being a bully.

He must have been the kind of kid that made fun of the all the less fortunate kids just to embarrass them and get a laugh. Well I think Mr. Letterman is a coward and a manipulative intellectual moron.

Governor Palin should be and I am sure she is, very proud and a better parent then David ever could be. Can you see David caring enough to take his boy to a ball game? Give it up Dave, your nothing but a looser with a capital L. and I will never watch your show again. More importantly, I will not support your sponsors.

Title: Re: Dave. V. Palin.
Post by: bbrown on July 19, 2009, 07:50:50 PM
(Open quote)Governor Palin should be and I am sure she is, very proud and a better parent then David ever could be. Can you see David caring enough to take his boy to a ball game? Give it up Dave, your nothing but a looser with a capital L. and I will never watch your show again. More importantly, I will not support your sponsors.(Close quote)

Well now......seems there are two of us so far!