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From an Email Author unknown

A Last Request

A father told each of his 3 sons as he sent them off to college,
“I feel it's my duty to provide you with the best possible education,
and you do not owe me anything for that.
I want you to appreciate it.
As a token, please each put $1,000 into my coffin when I die.
And so it happened.
His sons became a doctor, a lawyer and a financial planner,
each very successful financially.
When their father's time had come,
and they saw their father in the coffin,
they remembered his wish.
the doctor put 10 newly printed crisp $100 bills onto the chest of the deceased.
the financial planner also put $1,000 there in 20 newly printed crisp $50 bills.
it was the heartbroken lawyer's turn.
He reached into his pocket, took out his checkbook,
wrote a check for $3,000, put it into his father's coffin,
and took the $2,000 cash.
The lawyer is now running for Congress in your district.


 on: June 16, 2018, 03:26:20 AM 
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"The Dad I Never Had"
     a poem by Mark Hall

A Note From the Author
It's not to celebrate me as a father but for me as a father to celebrate my children.  
I haven't celebrated Fathers Day for many years, not since the loss of my daughter on that Fathers Day long ago.
I felt no need, I felt I lost that right to celebrate.
All along I still had my 2 sons whom I love with all my heart and they all the while reciprocated that love for me.
Still I wanted no part of Father's Day.
There was an opening and I needed to again join in on the celebration that is Father's Day so I took it.
I wrote a poem thanking my boy's for being my sons.
For me Father's Day is to celebrate them, to tell them of how they had made me whole.

A poem to my son's Jimmy, Morris (Chip & Hoss)
By Mark Hall

The Dad I Never Had

To both my sons I love so dear I really want to say,  
The gift that you've given me,
is more than just Okay.

The bond that we have made,
Is a love only we can share.
The joy that you have given me,
is love that makes me care.

As a boy I always wanted a Dad to show me the right way.
To teach me how to throw a ball,
to teach me how to play.
A dad to pick me up,
every time I'd fall.
A man that I could count on,
to love me most of all.

A dad who would love me,
just like I love you today.
Back then I wished he loved me,
every single day.
A love that would fulfill me.
That's what I used to pray.

As time went on I learned to be,
the man I am today,
A man with out the help of a man,
the man that would not stay.    
A Dad that I could love, a dad that would belong.
To be there when I needed him,
to help me grow up strong.

But that was never meant to be and it felt so bad.
So I just smiled and changed my prayer to be,
The Dad I Never Had.
I thank both you boy's, you think of me and take me as your DAD
Because of you my life's fulfilled,
now life's no longer sad.
For that I'll always love you, you made me very proud.
You gave me all I wanted and that I'll shout out loud.

It's when you say I love you DAD that gives me such a smile.
A smile I never thought could be,
I've prayed for all the while.

To be the Dad I Never Had,
yes that is what I'd pray.
And now that you belong to me,
your love with me will stay.

That's why I thank you both,
on this Father's Day.
With the gift you gave me,
I no longer feel so bad.
I hoped to be just what you made me,
the Dad I Never Had.

A love much more than I deserve,
Is not all you did for me.
And so I want to thank you both,
for making me so glad,
It's what I really want to be,
The Dad I Never Had.

 Love Your Papa


These words I wrote made me question why do so many children as I did, have to grow up without the benefit of a father?
All children should have the benefit of 2 nurturing parents. Good Cop Bad Cop sometimes that's what is takes.
The most wonderful times I have ever had were the sweetest and somtimes the hardest times of my life.
Morals were learned by them and by me.
The days I remember most, the days I spent with my children as they grew and asked me why.
The sharing of love the comfort and teaching them of G/d as they thought me about G/d.  
These moments of family denied to the generations, all in the name of Progressive Engineering.

I asked myself why in this great nation is it so many children had to be without the father image in the household?
What caused this new American killer of dreams.
Know your history "Progressivism" it is revealing.
It started long ago but back in 1964, it took hold with then president Lyndon B. Johnson's so called "War on Poverty" his "Great Society".
Some good things were instatuted like Medicare for the elderly. Those good things were the honey to make the medicine go down easy.
The pretence was to "Eliminate Hunger and Race Discrimination",  the truth was far from that as it developed into the Democrat plantation.
A deliberate war was waged on the Judeo Christian Family Unit as minorities were relegated to the ghettos.
In the long run results for families were far more problematic than they were helpful.
The family now felt the intrusion of the Federal government, unfortunately it was welcomed with open arms.
A welfare system that was popularized for it's assistance in giving a helping hand up to the underprivileged minorities was introduced.
In reality these were handouts that would paralyze a nurturing family for generations to come.
Lyndon B Johnson's bribery worked just as he intended.
By the rules that regulates it's distribution, the government gave cause for the man of the house to be absent for the benefits to be received.
Soon it was recognized that it was advantageous for the family unit to break up.
It was too great a temptation for the rewards that the government offered.
Lyndon B. Johnson's plan had come to fruition.
To often mothers found that the man who fathered their children could be replace with a more substantial income.
This was intentional on the part of the Progressive leaders in our government.
The recipients were mandated to the plantation that would harvest their votes for the promise of money and benefits.
Dependency drove the underprivileged. These minorities found themselves locked into a lifestyle of a comfortable poverty.
The Progressive Democrat Plantation had opened it's gates.
As Lyndon B.Johnson said "I'll have those Nig*&#s voting Democrat for 200 Years".***  
Suffer the children who never did or will know the nurturing a father can give.
If anything I hope people will recognize from my poem nessesity of Fatherhood.
The fight against a tyranny that envelopes and controls what I call the welfare ghetto system.
It is this reason I wished to share my words to my sons with you the reader.
Turn it around there are rewards that come with being there.
Most rewarding, raising your children without the master and his offers of stagnation and loss of morals.
My boys have grown now, grown into good strong men.
They care deeply for their G/d, country and yes family.
They know and understand what a father is and his importance to the health and welfare of a growing child, the family unit.


***The “200 years” by quote from Robert MacMillan, an Air Force One steward in the book "Inside the White House". By Ronald Kessler’s


 on: November 30, 2014, 06:11:04 PM 
Started by Victor Laslow - Last post by Victor Laslow

The Truth Hurts

Please forgive me I just get so mad when I have to face the fact that most of my people are bigots and do not follow the law as fulfilled by Christ.
Telling the truth is like swimming against a rip currant.
You and all of America are being used and I will try to explain here:
Do you know what the meaning of the word Guyim is as defined by the Talmud?
Guyim: A beast of burden a slave for the Jew to be used as needed.
The truth is buy Jewish law I am marked for death by the Hasidic Jewish community for telling you, this is a fact.
It is Talmudic Rabbinical law as I am considered a traitor to the faith for making this public.
I can tell you a lot more about how most not all of the Jewish people literally hate you if you are a Christian.
That the Talmud says Jesus in kept in a pit of pig feces up to his neck and as the angels fly over him they urinate on his head the only part of his body that is not covered in the feces, the angels do this every day to punish Jesus.
I learned this and a lot more hate while studying the Talmud with the Rabbi's.
The Talmud is a collection of books defining the Jewish laws. Such as, a Jew may not make a profit off another Jew but is expected to gouge any Guyim to make enough to support the Jewish community.
Don't get me wrong I do not hate my people. I love them and wish only that they would see the truth.
There are so many of us that do not feel that way even though most do not follow Christ they still shun the Talmud as they recognize it is a compilation of books that teaches hate, they give charity to many Christian Charities like the Christian Children's Fund.
(Note it does not go by that name any longer because of the Jewish influence).
They strictly only follow the Old Testament 10 Commandments not the Talmud.
Did you also know that it is the Scofield Bible that says Jewish people will rein for ever and ever was updated by a Jewish scholar to say that and printed by the Rothschild influenced Oxford University Press.
Jesus said that the "Money Changers" in the Temple was the Synagog of Satan.
Those who came out of Babylon before the lord gave Israel back to his Chosen, the lord still has not unless you see as I do America is the closest thing to Israel. (Read the book The Harbinger it might help you understand America as today's Israel)
Did Jesus change his mind when the Bible was revised by the Jewish scholar in 1917? Alleged to be sponsored by the Rothschilds.
The same year that Sykes Picot drew the boundaries that make up the borders of all the new counties in the Middle East. Again sponsored by the Rothschild's.
The Holy Bible (old and new) states that No Man Shall Know When that Time Will Come, yet a Rothschild sponsored group of Rabbinical Jews defied the law and attempted to bring about the end times on their own starting in 1897 the birth of Zionism that lead to the Sykes Picot plan in 1917.
Jesus did not say The Jews shall reign over all the earth that they are God's Chosen the Scofield Bible did.
It does say that in early in the Old Testament and is then fulfilled in Jesus.
This was all defined when Jesus said "I come to fulfill the law not to change it".  
The Jews shall reign over all the earth is not in the original New Testament.
Read the book of Danial he stayed in Babylon with the rest of the Old Testament Faithful because he knew it was not the time for the return.
The people that left and came back to the promised land became the Rabbinical Jewish people.
I think it is chapter 9 of the book of Daniel tells of the coming of Christ (Greek: Messiah) as well as the end times it says that when the Messiah (Jesus) comes "HE will rein for ever and ever" not the Rabbi's or the Jewish people Only the Old Testament Faithful and a true Christian is of Israel G/D's chosen and will rein for ever and ever through Jesus.
Christians like George Washington, MLK and hopefully you is of Israel as well as any Jewish person that is a strict follower of the old Testament (known as the Old Testament Faithful) not believers in the Talmud.
The Talmud is an off shoot of the Oral Rabbinical Judaism that started in 200CE and Talmud is just under a thousand years old 1342 and is actually a new religion that became today's Rabbinical Judaism.
I know I sound like I am a rambling bigot or anti Semite I am not.
So please do your own research and find the truth with out the hate.
Prove me wrong so I can live in peace with this terrible knowledge I have that at times I wish I did not, but one can not deny the truth, and the truth I found hurts me terribly.
Understand I do not get satisfaction speaking against my people I am trying to set them free as I was freed.
I did find freedom and peace in Jesus.
Again I am so sorry for hurting your feelings.  
If the findings I have given you are false please show me how and what I have said is not the truth.


 on: May 28, 2014, 06:34:45 PM 
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American Exceptionalism Marches On

During the 3-1/2 years of World War 2 that started with the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941 and ended with the Surrender of Germany and Japan in 1945, the U.S. produced…

22 aircraft carriers,
8 battleships,
48 cruisers,
349 destroyers,
420 destroyer escorts,
203 submarines,
34 million tons of merchant ships,
100,000 fighter aircraft,
98,000 bombers,
24,000 transport aircraft,
58,000 training aircraft,
93,000 tanks,
257,000 artillery pieces,
105,000 mortars,
3,000,000 machine guns,
and 2,500,000 military trucks.
We put 16.1 million men in uniform in the various armed services,
invaded Africa, invaded Sicily and Italy,
won the battle for the Atlantic,
planned and executed D-Day, marched across the Pacific and Europe,
developed the atomic bomb and ultimately conquered Japan and Germany.

It’s worth noting, during that almost exact amount of time,
the Obama administration couldn’t build a functioning web site.


 on: May 28, 2014, 06:21:03 PM 
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The poem was written by a
"A Bump in the Road"
We're the battling boys of Benghazi
No fame, no glory, no paparazzi.
Just a fiery death in a blazing hell
Defending our country we loved so well.
It wasn'tour job, but we answered the call, fought to the Consulate and scaled the wall.
We pulled twenty Countrymen from the jaws of fate Led them to safety, and stood at the gate.
Just the two of us, and foes by the score, But we stood fast to bar the door.
Three calls for reinforcement, but all were denied, So we fought, and we fought, and we fought 'til we died.
We gave our all for our Uncle Sam, But Barack Obama didn't give a damn.
Just two dead seals who carried the load.
No thanks to us...
We were just "Bumps In The Road".


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Common Core =
A Teachers Letter

I have watched as my job requirements swung away from a focus on the children, their individual learning styles, emotional needs, and their individual families, interests and strengths to a focus on testing, assessing, and scoring young children, thereby ramping up the academic demands and pressures on them.

Each year, I have been required to spend more time attending classes and workshops to learn about new academic demands that smack of 1stand 2ndgrade, instead of kindergarten and PreK. 
I have needed to schedule and attend more and more meetings about increasingly extreme behaviors and emotional needs of children in my classroom;
I recognize many of these behaviors as children shouting out to the adults in their world, “I can’t do this!  Look at me!  Know me!  Help me!  See me!” 
I have changed my practice over the years to allow the necessary time and focus for all the demands coming down from above.  Each year there are more. 
Each year I have had less and less time to teach the children I love in the way I know best—and in the way child development experts recommend. 
I reached the place last year where I began to feel I was part of a broken system that was causing damage to those very children I was there to serve.

I was trying to survive in a community of colleagues who were struggling to do the same: 
to adapt and survive, to continue to hold onto what we could, and to affirm what we believe to be quality teaching for an early childhood classroom. 
I began to feel a deep sense of loss of integrity. 
I felt my spirit, my passion as a teacher, slip away. 
I felt anger rise inside me. 
I felt I needed to survive by looking elsewhere and leaving the community I love so dearly. 
I did not feel I was leaving my job.  I felt then and feel now that my job left me.


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  Sensible Gun Control
In 1865 a Democrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States ..
 In 1881 a left wing radical Democrat shot James Garfield, President of the United States who later died from the wound.
 In 1963 a radical left wing socialist shot and killed John F. Kennedy, President of the United States .
 In 1975 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at Gerald Ford, President of the United States .
 In 1983 a registered Democrat shot and wounded Ronald Reagan, President of the United States ..
 In 1984 James Hubert, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 22 people in a McDonalds restaurant.
 In 1986 Patrick Sherrill, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 15 people in an Oklahoma post office.
 In 1990 James Pough, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 10 people at a GMAC office.
 In 1991 George Hennard, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 23 people in a Luby's cafeteria in Killeen , TX .
 In 1995 James Daniel Simpson, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 5 coworkers in a Texas laboratory.
 In 1999 Larry Asbrook, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 8 people at a church service.
 In 2001 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at the White House in a failed attempt to kill George W. Bush, President of the US .
 In 2003 Douglas Williams, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people at a Lockheed Martin plant.
 In 2007 a registered Democrat named Seung - Hui Cho, shot and killed 32 people in Virginia Tech.
 In 2010 a mentally ill registered Democrat named Jared Lee Loughner, shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed 6 others.
 In 2011 a registered Democrat named James Holmes, went into a movie theater and shot and killed 12 people.
 In 2012 Andrew Engeldinger, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people in Minneapolis .
 In 2013 a registered Democrat named Adam Lanza, shot and killed 26 people in a school in Newtown , CT.
 As recently as Sept 2013, an angry Democrat shot 12 at a Navy ship yard.
 Clearly, there is a problem with Democrats and guns.
 Not one NRA member, Tea Party member, or Republican conservative was involved in any of these shootings and murders.

 SOLUTION: It should be illegal for Democrats to own guns. 


 on: February 06, 2014, 06:39:37 PM 
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An open letter
To the Florida State Legislature,

Stop Quelling Imagination.

I support this draft of PCB KTS 14-02, on Zero Tolerance because:

To take away the right of a child's imagination will delay the development of right and wrong in a child's mind.
First the basics;

Imagination is a crucial step in the development of a child's brain.
To take away the imagination in the school yard will prevent our children from one of the first steps in the development of critical thinking.
Denied this natural development, a child's brain will only forge them into a drone-like mental status without creativity. 
Zero Tolerance and its fear of punishment will follow them all of their days placing our children in danger of growing into an automaton like life-style with no desire to create or invent.
Learning right from wrong;

When a little boy is playing "Cops and Robbers" he wants the cops to win, the natural outcome is the bad guy loses.
Would you rather wait for the time when a child will learn their morals from games like Grand Theft Auto?
Thoughts and actions concerning toy guns and why they are in existence should be discussed instead of being labeled intolerable.

Most children are born with a desire to please but right and wrong can be a learned trait.
In a child's mind to be summarily punished without rhyme or reason is not a teaching moment.
Instead it leaves the child questioning all and denies the student the interaction with an educator who can properly give guidance.

For a child to be denied interaction with an educator who can guide the youth, is not just immoral it is near criminal .
It leaves the child unsupervised to create his or her own sense of good and bad.
Keep in mind the result of what an unsupervised game of Grand Theft Auto teaches!
It is far preferable to have a child guided in the right direction rather than to be punished and shunned without explanation, or worse, for no good reasoning at all.
Schools are all together losing their effectiveness in teaching critical thinking.
By punishing the imagination rather than bringing up the questions like, WHY do you have a image of a gun? A teachable moment is forever lost.
In the past teachers used to observe the children as they played, this gave the teacher an insight to the child's mental state.
If the child had the robber winning all the time it was far better to recognize the irrational thought pattern and confront it with the parents.
Thus a teaching moment for positive growth was initiated and more often than not may have averted a problem, or even a catastrophe later in life.
A violent video game will not make a good example but a teacher can!
With the culture of "Zero Tolerance" the child loses and teachers are no longer educators but have become institutional guards.
Without what should have been the interaction of a positive role model a child is left to his or her own to determine right from wrong.
Of course we can keep the status quo and continue on the "Common Core" path of education and develop a society of a worker drone proletariat with an elite ruling class.
That or you can provide lessons that could be learned and will develop the next generation of FREE thinkers and doers.
Right now it is up to you the law makers, at least until the next election!

Victor Laslow


 on: January 09, 2014, 05:17:13 PM 
Started by Victor Laslow - Last post by Victor Laslow

Happiness and the passing of time.

When you are a child a year seems unending but as you get older and have children of your own, time seems to move at a faster pace.
By the time you are in your 60s time is running faster and the days seem to run together.

 If you have not chosen to be happy and I do believe happiness is a choice, then time will start slowing down again and you will be one of those mean old people that everyone avoids.

We all have a certain amount of tragedy and hardship in our lives but our happiness depends on how we feel about people.
We can choose to be patient, loving, forgiving and hopeful and be happy. 

I believe our choice reflects about how we feel about God, if we do not trust God then we cannot choose happiness because there is no foundation for happiness to come to us. 
It is a matter of faith.

I prefer to choose happiness because I want time to keep flying by and not stand still!



 on: January 09, 2014, 04:51:35 PM 
Started by Victor Laslow - Last post by Victor Laslow

The Vanishing Christian Communities
of the Middle East

By Dr. Guy Bechor
(Translation from Hebrew: Avishai Zonnenberg, Arik Klein)

The numbers are truly staggering: In Iraq of 2003, until the fall of Sadam Hussein, there were 1.5 million Christians, but today there are only 250,000, that means that 1.25 million have migrated, killed or been forced to become Muslims. In Syria of just three years ago there were 1.75 million Christians, out of whom 450,000 have already left, and the rate of the ethnic cleansing is only growing.

This means that by the end of this decade there will be no more Christian Arabs in the Levant meaning the northern east of the Middle East. In the space that is becoming “Salafi” and violent, there is no place for the Christian Arabs, and they are being forcedly exiled.

This phenomenon is happening in full force at the Palestinian Authority, and if in Bethlehem there where once 90% Christians, today it is already 65% Muslims. The tradition is that the mayor is Christian despite the Muslim majority, but the female mayor is facing harsh persecution, including by the “Fatah” movement.

The day in which there will be no more Christian Arabs in the Palestinian authority is getting close, and according to estimates there are only a few tens of thousands left. In the day to day of the Hamas, Salafis and the Jihad, they have no existence, and they migrate, many to South America, where they already have large communities.

In Hamas's Gaza, out of 2,500 Christians there are only few hundreds left, the rest have escaped or have been forced to become Muslims. If one day there will be an independent “Palestinian” territory, the Christians will be the first to pay the price, especially after the Salafis will start to take over the control there, and it is only a matter of time, as it is in the entire Middle East.

The Christian were promoted at the National Arab Movement, they were the leaders of the Pan-Arab movement; with the Hamas they were tolerated, but the Salafis are brutally exterminating them. In the Shari'a ruled state, the Christians have no place.

In Egypt nearly nine million are Coptic Christians (one tenth), and the estimate is that a quarter of a million have already migrated since the fall of Mubarak, and the rest are suffering persecutions, murders, violence, robbery and looting. They are in grave condition, and the reality is that there are no consequences for hurting them.

In Lebanon there are still about one million Christians (according to a survey published this year), but they are in deep despair, some of them are under the protection of the Shiite Hezbollah state. Do they really have any hope?

Oddly, in a year when the Pope is elected “Man of the Year,” there is no cry about the amazing ethnic cleansing being done to his flock, as well as nothing from the west. United State has murmured something, and that was it.

As for Israel this silence has few conclusions: while the new anti-Semites are busy condemning Israel, proposing resolutions and banning Israel, they are saying nothing about the real massacre and the forced exile taking place here, there is no limit for the hypocrisy. Where are the human rights movements, in the face of this Christians free Middle East being created here?

The second conclusion is for us in Israel: this silence is a warning that if G-d forbids Israel will one day be weakened, the extremists will do us much worse, and no one in the world would really help. In the violent and Salafi Middle East, there is no place for Christians, which did not know how to prepare on time, or the Jews.

Luckily for the latter in the Jewish state they are strong and deterring, now it is clear how important it is to have a Jewish state, as the only place in the Middle East left, that is not Muslim.

Now a word for the Christian communities around the world: if one day the sovereignty over the holy places in Jerusalem will be held solely by the Palestinian Authority, in a short time the religious war that is taking place in the entire Arab world will erupt here as well, and neither Jews nor Christians will be allowed access anymore to their holly sites, as it is happening in Syria, in the places sacred for the Christians.


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