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Author Topic: What does the Chile's miner's rescue have in common with Obama if any?  (Read 959 times)
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« on: October 22, 2010, 03:16:42 PM »

Chile's miner's rescue

A few nights ago I watched the Chilean miners rescued from a would-be grave.  I was struck by several things happening there.
1-Their president was at the site with his wife and they were praying for the success of the rescue.

2- Pinera had been there several times during the process, and he was open to help from several other nations, including the U.S. who supplied the hammer drill and casing for the rescue. He was not on one of several vacations or playing golf. He was not beyond accepting engineering input from many sources.
3-He was not on TV politicizing the crisis, nor was he boasting that "We, alone, will handle it."

4-He was not there "looking for whose ass to kick."

5-He was decisive - not dithering.

6-He did not mention how much this "cost to the government" was because whatever the cost, he would work it out without beating up the company and seeing how much he could get from them.

7-He embraced his countrymen and rejoiced in their safe return, and made sure everybody knew they were the heroes.  

It is a shame on America, and a disgrace in the eyes of the world that we have as our leader a man who refuses to lead, cannot inspire confidence, and one who does everything to point out what is 'wrong' with America.
Pinera was not looking for a "good crisis" to make political gain.  
Our president is surrounded by people who hate our Constitution as a pattern for government, and who seek ways to remove freedoms from the people in order to give themselves more power.  
Pinera was there supporting families and workers and singing their national anthem with the people.  
He was not giving "the crotch salute." He spoke from his heart with tears, not from a TelePrompTer.
What a contrast!

            He was there DAY and NIGHT with welcome arms, for the FIRST rescued miner until the LAST miner. The rescue was more important than the sleep he lost.

From an eamil author unknown
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