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Author Topic: A letter from Obama to Muhammad Badi'e, General Guide, Muslim Brotherhood  (Read 1113 times)
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« on: February 03, 2011, 09:30:59 PM »

A satirical letter. Original posting;

Obama Reaches Out to Muslim Brotherhood

From the desk of united states President B. Hussein Obama:

To: Muhammad Badi'e, General Guide, Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian Branch

To My Dear Brother Badi'e,

Greetings and salutations my Dear Brother in The Common Struggle.  I see that all is progressing well on your front, and I congratulate you on your many successes to date.  I wish to inform of what you may expect from "outside" forces as the struggle progresses.

First of all, please do not fear any attempt by amerikkka to debase your glorious revolution against the zionist running dogs who currently infest the capitol of your great nation.  It is the will of Allah (peace be upon his name) that you will be victorious in this struggle, and now that I am Commander in Chief of the amerikkkan armed forces I can assure you that there will be no action taken against you by either the regular amerikkkan military or the CIA.  Since you are guaranteed safety on this front let your hands be bold to shed the blood of those who have opposed you!

Secondly, please do not let your fear of Mubarak deter you from what must be done.  For many years that son of a pig has allied himself with the war criminal Bush who preceded me, and in so doing has been an enemy of My Struggle.  Additionally, Mubarak has committed the still greater crime of allying himself with israel.  For many years he has maintained a friendly relationship with the zionist monkeys who infest Palestine to this day.  How can a man who has been a friend to both amerikkka and the zionist dogs be the leader of a nation which follows Allah (peace times two be upon his name)?  It is a perversion of the natural order, and he must be removed!  Surely Allah (peace times three be upon his name) will guide you and guard you!

Speaking of zionist pig-dog-monkeys, do not let a fear of israel dissuade you from your task!  Yes, I know the devils in the mossad have slain many of our brethren in the past, but the time for our retribution has come!  Now that I am President of all fifty-seven states of amerikkka, I can threaten to withhold aid from the israeli jew-dogs if they interfere with your Glorious Struggle!  Since the jews will never do anything that will cost them money, you can be assured that I can prevent their intervention in The Struggle in Egypt.

Now is the time to strike!  Soon the Muslim Brotherhood will control one of the largest military forces in the Middle East as well as the Suez Canal.  Once the Muslim Brotherhood has control of the Suez Canal, and the our Iranian brethren have the Straight of Hormuz, it will be in our power to control all trade routes for oil across the globe.  To expedite our victory in this matter I have personally shut down the amerikkkans' oil rigs in their Gulf of Mexico.  This has crippled their ability to produce oil here just as we are about to seize complete control of the Middle East!  All is going exactly to plan.

Just a couple of thoughts in passing:  First of all, as long as you are going to be taking care of jews you may as well get rid of the copts as well.  It's not like anybody notices what you do to them anyway.  I'm telling you, you could shove every last copt in Egypt into a gas chamber and the New York Times wouldn't be able to find a single column inch of space in their Sunday edition to report it.  Secondly, make sure Mubarak's demise is as gruesome as possible, and while your at it kill as many of his family members as you can get your hands on.  After all, we want to send a message to any of the other rulers in the region who may be thinking about holding out on us.  It's time for the Muslim Brotherhood to let everyone know who the REAL power in the region is.

Your Comrade in The Struggle,

united states President for Life B. Hussein Obama

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