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Author Topic: The George Sorose sponsored J Street  (Read 1152 times)
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« on: February 24, 2011, 12:38:13 PM »

The George Sorose sponsored J Street

The George Sorose sponsored J Street members JUST LIKE George Soros have no religion they are Socialist Atheists who may have descended from Abraham.
They only wish to induce the One World Order which as John Lennon would have it in his song “imagine” (remember the words) “and no religion too.”
J Street hides behind their Jewish roots but not the faith.

They think by taking sides with liberation organizations they may be allowed to live in peace should the government of Israel be over thrown by their Islamic neighbors.
They will be surprised to find themselves as Dhimmi if that.

If you think that is bad look at what Soros is sponsoring through his cronies and the White House here in America.

George Soros’s J Street is anti religion.
The fact is J Street is worse than George Soros, He at least pretended to be non Jewish as he did in his glory days working for Hitler.

J Street hides behind the RELIGION of their ancestors. And have no right to do so.
They only do an injustice to those of us who light the Sabbath candles.
Stand up and be a Jew against Socialism and Soros.

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