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Author Topic: 2011 CUFI on Campus Overview  (Read 2845 times)
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2011 CUFI on Campus Overview

America's universities are the frontline in the ideological war on Israel and the right of the Jewish people to a home of their own.

Our future presidents, members of Congress, pastors, and opinion leaders are sitting in college classrooms across the country right now.
To ensure that our next generation of leaders stands with Israel we need to act now.
We need to reach these students with the facts before the anti-Israel camp fills their minds with hate.

If you haven't spent time on a college campus recently, you would be shocked by how bad the situation has become.
On campuses across the country, anti-Israel students hold "Israel Apartheid Week" in which they claim that Israel is an outlaw state much like apartheid South Africa.
Students even set up mock checkpoints to share with their fellow students the "horrors" of living under Israeli occupation.

But this year, thousands of Christian students have raised their voices with a different message, and have begun the daunting task of adding a pro-Israel voice to the conversation about Israel on their campuses.

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