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Author Topic: Two Patients Limp Into Two Different Medical Offices  (Read 1317 times)
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This is not a scare tactic. it will be true events. If you do not believe it read the new helth car law

Two Patients Limp Into Two Different Medical Offices

Two patients limp into two different medical offices with the same
Both have painful trouble walking and appear to require hip surgery.

The FIRST patient is examined within the hour, is x-rayed the same day
and has a time booked for surgery the following week.

The SECOND sees his family doctor after waiting 3 weeks for an
appointment, then waits 8 weeks to see a specialist, then gets an
x-ray, which isn't reviewed for another week and finally has his
surgery scheduled 7 months away, pending the review boards in Washington
decision based on his age and remaining value to society.

Why the different treatment for the two patients?
scroll down

The FIRST is a Golden Retriever taken to a vet.
The SECOND is a Senior Citizen on Obama care.

In November, if YOU do not vote and things go wrong, we may all have to find a good vet.

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