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Author Topic: What I Think About Yiddish Curses for Republican Jews  (Read 2946 times)
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« on: September 13, 2012, 11:26:53 PM »

What I Think About Yiddish Curses for Republican Jews

I find this Yiddish curses for Republican ( "May your grandchildren baptize you after you’re dead".) one of the reasons that gives moral support to NAZI WHITE SUPREMEST organizations to hate Jews. How dare so called want to be Jews degrade people of the Christian faith yet promote Islam and Socialism. Speaking as a Jew that actually practices my religion I have to say; America, the land of the free, but for how long?

This is the country where all the dissidents from people of other oppressive countries came for freedom but these later generations now wail and complain about how badly they are treated here.
They should go to some of the Muslim or Communist country's and try their progressive ideas there!
They will behead, drown or otherwise put a stop to such talk.
If you are so dissatisfied with America and want a communistic, progressive society, go to Russia.
The progressive party is filled with faithless, hate mongering, envious people who had rather take from someone else than work for themselves. It did not work in the Soviet, it will not work here.

You get a few elitists at the top who have everything and the rest of the population works and suffers.
Speaking to all you progressive Jews out there, the ones who claim Judaism only when convenient, as it is impossible to be an atheist Jew, just like you cannot be an atheist Christian, why do you not spend some effort trying to get food for the poor Jews in Russia that cannot afford food.
It is the misguided Christians who do that, the ones you laughingly wish (as a curse) that they baptize you after you die.

You should be so lucky that a Christian would even want to baptize such scum that would make such a curse.
Leave my country and go where you are happy.

I have been a Liberal Democrat my whole life.
Being Liberal use to mean being open minded to all, to advance the rights for all and the cause of justice as long as it hurts nobody.
That has changed, ever since the Progressives infiltrated the Liberal movement and turned the word Liberal into one that now represents a hate mongering know it all collection of bigoted Socialists.
With that I would rather be a Republican than to be a traitor to my faith by denouncing Israel like so many ignorant Democrat Jews who blindly follow Obama and worship the G/d of Government rather than the G/d of Abraham Isac and Jacob.
And as for the Yiddish curses for Republican Jews, "May your grandchildren baptize you after you’re dead".
I find it most distasteful.
My wife is a Christian and has been Baptized, she is the most understanding forgiving person I know she defends all, even those who betray their own, like Jews who say Israelis are disgusting.
Maybe a person with such a bigoted soul would consider my wife being Baptized a curse. I do not.
Of all people Hebrews should be tolerant of other religions and not degrade others as they have been degraded over the pasted millennium.
Especially the Republican Christians who will pull the Jews from the Gas chambers that the progressives will place them in once they no longer have need for them.
Oh yes I went there remember it was a Republican President Eisenhower who while as commander of the European theater during WWII demanded the death camps be photographed and documented because he knew that one day people would deny there existence and all the while Democrat Anti Semite President Roosevelt knew about and ignored its existence.
Being a Progressive Democrat is living the luxury of a life with double standards, one of never being wrong with no need to compromise because they always know what is best for everybody.
But what can one expect from a see no evil hear no evil but its okay to speak plenty of evil group of liberal ideologues.

Yes I think I will register as Republican so I can at least have dignity that goes along with respect for others (what Liberalism used to mean) as well as the love of family, G/d and Country.

Victor Laslow

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