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Author Topic: What is to become of us as a free people?  (Read 13703 times)
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« on: November 07, 2012, 07:47:59 PM »

What is to become of us as a free people?

By Victor Laslow


As a nation we have by our own voice done us under and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

We have taken for granted our freedom and in our ignorance have allowed the politicians to chip away at it one line at a time.
Both the Republican Party and the Democrats all in the name of security they have brainwashed us into surrendering our privacy and freedom one step at a time, all for a false sense of security.
Should the truth be known, it is the Government that is encouraging the massive influx of evil that will harm us and have us ask the government for even more restrictions to protect us.

Acts of TERROR that will soon be forgotten like the Fort Hood massacre perpetrated by a Terrorist Muslim extremist Nidal Malik Hasan (who by the way was in 2008 on President elect Obama’s government transition team) and now with Obama being re-elected will never be considered nothing but an instance of work place violence instead of the home grown Terrorist Jihad act that it actually was.
Then there is the scandal that is known as Fast and Furious, a gun running scheme to give the impression that unscrupulous Gun Dealers are willing to sell guns to anybody in hopes that the people will demand stricter GUN CONTROL laws and the dismantling of the 2nd amendment.
We know of Obama’s intentions because of what he said in the last debate with Romney:
In Obama’s last debate he said “I see no reason any American should have the same kind of weapon that is issued to the military”... (Assault rifles, the ban will come soon)
And let us not ever forget the brutal murders of our Ambassador to Libya and the 3 brave Americans who gave their lives to defend American sovereignty.
Do you actually think the truth that President will allow his order to STAND DOWN will ever come to light, I doubt that, with the Muslim Brotherhood controlled CIA this regime will most probably turn up newly found evidence that will point to the anti Islam video as the cause clearing the regime of responsibility and crate the roots for a movement to strip America of its right to free speech,
It will lead to an attack or at least restrictions that will be imposed on our fee speech.

This is why I say Just because I am paranoid does not mean I am not being watched.
All too soon we may loose full access to the internet by either taxes or regulations so I am posting this rant and will do with other rants as long as I have that right.

There are many more freedoms lost just, ask the Catholic Church but my guess is that if any are to be remembered the three aforementioned incidents may be among them.     

It is not only Obama, Just as President Obama is trying to create violent causes to enact more restrictions on our freedom President Bush had the terror attack of  9/11, using that disaster he convinced us to trade some of our freedom for security. Consider President (43) Bush’s Patriot act that Obama was more than happy to extend.

That was Bush’s contribution to the Progressive movement; it paved the way for unwarranted search of every person in America.

Take for example we now have photo recognition cameras in most intersections, we were told it was red light cameras that it was for traffic safety and would catch violators, if so ask this question;

Why are they all focused on the drivers face and not the license plate of the car as it runs passed the red light?

They are facing in the wrong direction, in no way are they RED LIGHT CAMERAS.

The Government now has the right to research all your phone records, twitter and emails, if you doubt that check to see if your state is one of those were the police have the right to requisition your cell phone I pad any electronic device that stores contact information, no warrant needed just after a traffic stop for any reason, at that point the government has the right to down load all your contact information in your phone,

YES it is the law in many states, again all in the guise of National security. “The Patriot Act”

Victor Laslow

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