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Author Topic: Obama's SEAL Team 6 Coverup  (Read 6023 times)
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« on: June 02, 2013, 01:16:34 PM »

Obama's SEAL Team 6 Coverup

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Is the following Conjecture? You tell me!

Think about it!
This happened shortly after Osama Bin Ladin was taken out.
Was this how Obama paid the Saudi Royal family back for killing one of its members (Osama Bin Ladin)?
That's correct Bin Ladin was a member of the Saudi Royal family
and the Muslim law dictates a BLOOD DEBT to be paid for their family members death.

We know that Obama had to genuflect for his master the King of Saudi Arabia

Is Obama a Musllim?
It is with out any doubt in my mind that our president Obama is a devout Musslim
and with that he honored the BLOOD DEBT to his King

There will be more to come, the truth is out there and only the truth will set us free!

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