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Author Topic: I AM NOT A QUITTER.  (Read 14856 times)
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No, if things look tough but I know I am right, I dig in and will not give up.
I see others start to waffle and mince words and second guess their position concerning me, but I will always stand strong.

It has been my nature since I was born and I will not change. Right is right and wrong will not prevail. Some of those who were hired to help me do not have it in their hearts and souls to do what it takes. They don't have the guts it often takes to do what is hard.

Sometimes you have to be unpopular if you are going to hold to your position. Sometimes people will hate you and try to hurt you in any way they can, but I go on.
I see people who once were on my side but have turned on me because they want to curry favor with others.
It is often difficult to hold your ground and stay faithful to what you know is right but I will.
I have been doing this a long time and I have had many who have helped me.
Some have even given their lives for me. I weep over their dedication and am inspired by them.
I stand tall knowing that their sacrifice was for an important cause, and their names are forever in my heart.
They were not quitters and neither am I. When it looks the darkest I hold a light to see the way.

They call me Lady Liberty and I hold the light, the truth and the soul of America.
I will be standing here long after any petty President with an agenda against my truth is only a footnote in my history. 
I am not a quitter and neither are the American people who cradle the Constitution and Bill of Rights for future Americans to know and cherish.
 America will stand her ground....will you?

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