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Author Topic: In Regards To A Syrian Snuff Film  (Read 1189 times)
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« on: September 06, 2013, 01:04:15 AM »

A Letter To Congress
In Regards To A
Syrian Snuff Film

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Feel free to coppy this letter so you can send it off to your Gov. Reps.

Dear Senator, Congressman/woman,
       I have just viewed the video released by The New York Times that showed the opposition rebels in Syria standing over several HOG tied prisoners who were striped down and shot in the back and head.
It brought me back to a time when I was in school and viewed a film, a very famous film of Nazi's executing Jewish civilians like dogs.
With that extremely disturbing image in my mind I had to think about an American hero like Senator John McCain who suffered torture while in the captivity of the North Vietnamese.
How a man who suffered such indignity could support rebels who blatantly execute captured bound prisoners.
Has Senator McCain become the supporter of a new Nazism?
Will he and President Obama drag America down to be labeled criminals in the history books?
I find it quite probable that it was the rebels who used the chemical weapons as I can no longer believe the good Senator or our President.
Further more I have been convinced with out any doubt, that these rebels are the same Al qaeda that attacked America.
Can we honestly hold our heads up and say these murderers are the people we will back and provide weapons too?
Until this time I held Senator McCain in high regard with all he suffered for our country.
I can no longer respect the Senator as a representative of the United States or even as a man with any dignity, instead I can only see him as an accomplice to war crimes.
And if President Obama goes forward with the illegal bombing of a sovereign nation I fear that we, as Americans, no longer hold the high ground with respect to morality.
I for one will list all Senators and Congressmen/women who authorize such an open act of war and aggression as war criminals.  
Respectfully yours
Fill in your name and send it to your Senator and Congressman/woman

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