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Author Topic: HOW CAN AMERICA BE SO BLIND????????  (Read 1738 times)
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I guess since they had to swallow their pride and use the Gulfstream there
just wasn't enough room for the dog and one other person.
Did you know the Pres. flew BO, the dog, in on a separate smaller jet to
Maine for their vacation?Huh  Wonder if that sets well with all the
unemployed, hurting, US citizens who can't afford food, but we can pay for
this. The above is true.  I Googled "Bo the dog flying to Maine " and got
76,700 references verifying this.  One of them follows:
Michelle Malkin:

Just Plane Crazy: Obama's Dog Flies to Vacation on Separate Jet

Doug Powers:

The Obama's arrived at their vacation spot in Maine.

And the local paper, the Morning Sentinel, described the scene:
The president was the first to walk onto the tarmac, dressed casually in a
pale blue Oxford shirt and khakis. A few minutes later, the first lady,
dressed in black caprice, a tank-top and sandals, walked onto the runway.
Shortly afterward, Malia and Sasha joined their parents. Baldacci and his
wife, Karen, presented the family with gift bags full of Maine-made goodies,
including baskets made by the Passamaquoddy Tribe, popcorn from Little Lad's
Bakery in East Corinth, iconic L.L. Bean bags, University of Maine ice
hockey hats, and an assortment of other Maine foods and books.

Karen Baldacci said the bags for Malia and Sasha contained one loon toy and
one chickadee toy that sound their natural calls. Arriving in a small jet
before the Obama's was the first dog, Bo, a Portuguese water dog given as a
present by the late U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass.; and the president's
personal aide Reggie Love, who chatted with Baldacci.
The president who said the rest of us are going to have to sacrifice to get
out of these hard economic times let his dog fly on his own plane? Not
enough room on Air Force One (a Gulfstream on this trip) for a Portuguese
water dog and Reggie Love?
My dog saw this story and wants his own jet now, too. Thanks Obama.

OH, by the way, Mr. Love, Bo's handler, is paid $102,000.00 a year to take
care of him.

What side of the ballot will you mark in November?

Author unknown.
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