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Author Topic: The Truth Hurts  (Read 1857 times)
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The Truth Hurts

Please forgive me I just get so mad when I have to face the fact that most of my people are bigots and do not follow the law as fulfilled by Christ.
Telling the truth is like swimming against a rip currant.
You and all of America are being used and I will try to explain here:
Do you know what the meaning of the word Guyim is as defined by the Talmud?
Guyim: A beast of burden a slave for the Jew to be used as needed.
The truth is buy Jewish law I am marked for death by the Hasidic Jewish community for telling you, this is a fact.
It is Talmudic Rabbinical law as I am considered a traitor to the faith for making this public.
I can tell you a lot more about how most not all of the Jewish people literally hate you if you are a Christian.
That the Talmud says Jesus in kept in a pit of pig feces up to his neck and as the angels fly over him they urinate on his head the only part of his body that is not covered in the feces, the angels do this every day to punish Jesus.
I learned this and a lot more hate while studying the Talmud with the Rabbi's.
The Talmud is a collection of books defining the Jewish laws. Such as, a Jew may not make a profit off another Jew but is expected to gouge any Guyim to make enough to support the Jewish community.
Don't get me wrong I do not hate my people. I love them and wish only that they would see the truth.
There are so many of us that do not feel that way even though most do not follow Christ they still shun the Talmud as they recognize it is a compilation of books that teaches hate, they give charity to many Christian Charities like the Christian Children's Fund.
(Note it does not go by that name any longer because of the Jewish influence).
They strictly only follow the Old Testament 10 Commandments not the Talmud.
Did you also know that it is the Scofield Bible that says Jewish people will rein for ever and ever was updated by a Jewish scholar to say that and printed by the Rothschild influenced Oxford University Press.
Jesus said that the "Money Changers" in the Temple was the Synagog of Satan.
Those who came out of Babylon before the lord gave Israel back to his Chosen, the lord still has not unless you see as I do America is the closest thing to Israel. (Read the book The Harbinger it might help you understand America as today's Israel)
Did Jesus change his mind when the Bible was revised by the Jewish scholar in 1917? Alleged to be sponsored by the Rothschilds.
The same year that Sykes Picot drew the boundaries that make up the borders of all the new counties in the Middle East. Again sponsored by the Rothschild's.
The Holy Bible (old and new) states that No Man Shall Know When that Time Will Come, yet a Rothschild sponsored group of Rabbinical Jews defied the law and attempted to bring about the end times on their own starting in 1897 the birth of Zionism that lead to the Sykes Picot plan in 1917.
Jesus did not say The Jews shall reign over all the earth that they are God's Chosen the Scofield Bible did.
It does say that in early in the Old Testament and is then fulfilled in Jesus.
This was all defined when Jesus said "I come to fulfill the law not to change it".  
The Jews shall reign over all the earth is not in the original New Testament.
Read the book of Danial he stayed in Babylon with the rest of the Old Testament Faithful because he knew it was not the time for the return.
The people that left and came back to the promised land became the Rabbinical Jewish people.
I think it is chapter 9 of the book of Daniel tells of the coming of Christ (Greek: Messiah) as well as the end times it says that when the Messiah (Jesus) comes "HE will rein for ever and ever" not the Rabbi's or the Jewish people Only the Old Testament Faithful and a true Christian is of Israel G/D's chosen and will rein for ever and ever through Jesus.
Christians like George Washington, MLK and hopefully you is of Israel as well as any Jewish person that is a strict follower of the old Testament (known as the Old Testament Faithful) not believers in the Talmud.
The Talmud is an off shoot of the Oral Rabbinical Judaism that started in 200CE and Talmud is just under a thousand years old 1342 and is actually a new religion that became today's Rabbinical Judaism.
I know I sound like I am a rambling bigot or anti Semite I am not.
So please do your own research and find the truth with out the hate.
Prove me wrong so I can live in peace with this terrible knowledge I have that at times I wish I did not, but one can not deny the truth, and the truth I found hurts me terribly.
Understand I do not get satisfaction speaking against my people I am trying to set them free as I was freed.
I did find freedom and peace in Jesus.
Again I am so sorry for hurting your feelings.  
If the findings I have given you are false please show me how and what I have said is not the truth.

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