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"The Dad I Never Had"
     a poem by Mark Hall

A Note From the Author
It's not to celebrate me as a father but for me as a father to celebrate my children.  
I haven't celebrated Fathers Day for many years, not since the loss of my daughter on that Fathers Day long ago.
I felt no need, I felt I lost that right to celebrate.
All along I still had my 2 sons whom I love with all my heart and they all the while reciprocated that love for me.
Still I wanted no part of Father's Day.
There was an opening and I needed to again join in on the celebration that is Father's Day so I took it.
I wrote a poem thanking my boy's for being my sons.
For me Father's Day is to celebrate them, to tell them of how they had made me whole.

A poem to my son's Jimmy, Morris (Chip & Hoss)
By Mark Hall

The Dad I Never Had

To both my sons I love so dear I really want to say,  
The gift that you've given me,
is more than just Okay.

The bond that we have made,
Is a love only we can share.
The joy that you have given me,
is love that makes me care.

As a boy I always wanted a Dad to show me the right way.
To teach me how to throw a ball,
to teach me how to play.
A dad to pick me up,
every time I'd fall.
A man that I could count on,
to love me most of all.

A dad who would love me,
just like I love you today.
Back then I wished he loved me,
every single day.
A love that would fulfill me.
That's what I used to pray.

As time went on I learned to be,
the man I am today,
A man with out the help of a man,
the man that would not stay.    
A Dad that I could love, a dad that would belong.
To be there when I needed him,
to help me grow up strong.

But that was never meant to be and it felt so bad.
So I just smiled and changed my prayer to be,
The Dad I Never Had.
I thank both you boy's, you think of me and take me as your DAD
Because of you my life's fulfilled,
now life's no longer sad.
For that I'll always love you, you made me very proud.
You gave me all I wanted and that I'll shout out loud.

It's when you say I love you DAD that gives me such a smile.
A smile I never thought could be,
I've prayed for all the while.

To be the Dad I Never Had,
yes that is what I'd pray.
And now that you belong to me,
your love with me will stay.

That's why I thank you both,
on this Father's Day.
With the gift you gave me,
I no longer feel so bad.
I hoped to be just what you made me,
the Dad I Never Had.

A love much more than I deserve,
Is not all you did for me.
And so I want to thank you both,
for making me so glad,
It's what I really want to be,
The Dad I Never Had.

 Love Your Papa


These words I wrote made me question why do so many children as I did, have to grow up without the benefit of a father?
All children should have the benefit of 2 nurturing parents. Good Cop Bad Cop sometimes that's what is takes.
The most wonderful times I have ever had were the sweetest and somtimes the hardest times of my life.
Morals were learned by them and by me.
The days I remember most, the days I spent with my children as they grew and asked me why.
The sharing of love the comfort and teaching them of G/d as they thought me about G/d.  
These moments of family denied to the generations, all in the name of Progressive Engineering.

I asked myself why in this great nation is it so many children had to be without the father image in the household?
What caused this new American killer of dreams.
Know your history "Progressivism" it is revealing.
It started long ago but back in 1964, it took hold with then president Lyndon B. Johnson's so called "War on Poverty" his "Great Society".
Some good things were instatuted like Medicare for the elderly. Those good things were the honey to make the medicine go down easy.
The pretence was to "Eliminate Hunger and Race Discrimination",  the truth was far from that as it developed into the Democrat plantation.
A deliberate war was waged on the Judeo Christian Family Unit as minorities were relegated to the ghettos.
In the long run results for families were far more problematic than they were helpful.
The family now felt the intrusion of the Federal government, unfortunately it was welcomed with open arms.
A welfare system that was popularized for it's assistance in giving a helping hand up to the underprivileged minorities was introduced.
In reality these were handouts that would paralyze a nurturing family for generations to come.
Lyndon B Johnson's bribery worked just as he intended.
By the rules that regulates it's distribution, the government gave cause for the man of the house to be absent for the benefits to be received.
Soon it was recognized that it was advantageous for the family unit to break up.
It was too great a temptation for the rewards that the government offered.
Lyndon B. Johnson's plan had come to fruition.
To often mothers found that the man who fathered their children could be replace with a more substantial income.
This was intentional on the part of the Progressive leaders in our government.
The recipients were mandated to the plantation that would harvest their votes for the promise of money and benefits.
Dependency drove the underprivileged. These minorities found themselves locked into a lifestyle of a comfortable poverty.
The Progressive Democrat Plantation had opened it's gates.
As Lyndon B.Johnson said "I'll have those Nig*&#s voting Democrat for 200 Years".***  
Suffer the children who never did or will know the nurturing a father can give.
If anything I hope people will recognize from my poem nessesity of Fatherhood.
The fight against a tyranny that envelopes and controls what I call the welfare ghetto system.
It is this reason I wished to share my words to my sons with you the reader.
Turn it around there are rewards that come with being there.
Most rewarding, raising your children without the master and his offers of stagnation and loss of morals.
My boys have grown now, grown into good strong men.
They care deeply for their G/d, country and yes family.
They know and understand what a father is and his importance to the health and welfare of a growing child, the family unit.


***The “200 years” by quote from Robert MacMillan, an Air Force One steward in the book "Inside the White House". By Ronald Kessler’s

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