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Author Topic: They are not only Israel's Worst Enemy they are some of Americas worst enemies a  (Read 17473 times)
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« on: September 03, 2009, 06:15:23 AM »

They are not only Israel's Worst Enemy they are some of Americas worst enemies
The Liberal Jews of New York and Chicago!

I would like to make it clear that I was born into the Jewish faith; I grew-up in the Jewish faith. This is not meant to undermine my people but to protect them from the liberals who use the fact that they were born into the Jewish faith to do or say what they wish without fear of contradiction because they can cry “anti-Semitism”.

I feel that using your faith or race to force others to your way of thinking is wrong no matter who is doing it.
Our county has been good to us and I feel that it is time for the Jewish people stand up and realize that this is the only country that allows us the freedom to be a Jew.

I received an email from my friend in New York in response to my suggestion that she check out John McCain as a candidate for president.
After she told me in no uncertain terms she was a liberal and would never change. She then sent me a propaganda video.  
This was my response.

Terri I love you and I promised not to send you my thoughts on McCain any more, but you sent me a video showing how the Jewish community backed this communist, so as a Jew I have no alternative but to rebut.
I did a lot of research on comrade commissar Obama on HIS web sites.

What I found was, the Jews that are supporting Obama are socialists who want not only welfare for all the people, but to fundamentally change the government that our forefathers created. All this to make the people dependant on the socialist government the liberals would put in it’s place.
Furthermore, these Jews do not even believe in G/d, Communism will not allow it. Therefore, they are NOT Jewish, the fact is they just use the Jewish religion, a religion where giving to and supporting the poor is a blessing, not mandated.

Is there an 11th commandment that tells us to support the people who will not work?

They used the Jewish faith as a network to spread their communistic rhetoric. If they truly were religious they would know that giving was to be from the heart and not forced upon the people. If you are forced to give you are not giving from the heart and soul but being robbed. You don’t have to believe me. Read the Bible.

As for the so called Jewish supporters of communism I added the following;
Here I added the fundamentals from the first community organization that comrade commissar Obama worked at. The GAMALIEL FOUNDATION. It was founded by a Marxist Jew who based it on the writings of Saul Alinsky, an avid communist.

These are just some of his words.
In Rules for Radicals Saul Alinsky outlines his strategy in organizing and revolution, the only way to overthrow this government.

You’ll find it in the prologue,

 "There's another reason for working inside the system. Dostoevsky said that taking a new step is what people fear most. Any revolutionary CHANGE must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward CHANGE among the mass of our people. They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and CHANGE the future. This acceptance is the reformation essential to any revolution.”

Comrade Commissar Obama learned well while working for The GAMALIEL FOUNDATION and followed through with Saul’s teachings. He initiated his socialist movement in the beginning of his carrier by undermining the banks by means of the masses, forcing them by intimidation with community organizations like Acorn.

You might ask how?

Well he started by building a base of followers he infiltrated the school systems under the false notion of providing a better education for the underprivileged and supplementing classes in activism not academics, (check the records) to bad he did not supplement them in reading, writing and arithmetic, that way they might have had a fighting chance to better their station in life just as the commissar did.
Instead, he went with the dumb down America tactics.

What good does it do when you can’t spell, as you can see many of the signs his followers held up at rallies have been misspelled, most all except for the professionally printed signs provided by socialist backed unions.
Then as a community organizer he instructed organizations like Acorn in intimidation of the banks and legislators.
Using racism as a platform leading the underprivileged masses to protest their living conditions they forced the legislators to pass laws so the banks would have no choice but to make loans to people who in no way could pay them back, creating a need to bail out the banks.

This is the foundation that would soon lead to the collapse of capitalism and resentment of the Republic.
Once in place, the house of cards he laid out would eventually fall, as he knew it would and we now know it did.
For the Socialist takeover of America, when Bush made the first bailout it was a banner day.
Destroy the banking system crash the housing market and make it look like the government was responsible.
The people are now in a state of mind that things are so bad, so deplorable, so utterly demoralizing that the people are now demanding CHANGE.

Comrade Commissar Obama started to socially change the government long ago. Comrade Commissar Obama started this back in June 1985 to May 1988. I researched this a lot; I got most of my information from the commissar’s web sites. If they have not been taken down yet I wish you would also do it as I did and maybe you will see the truth, research comrade commissar Obama's web site.

Back in 1955 my father left me, my mother and 2 brothers. He moved out of state as not to pay child support. I was 6 months old.
Back in those days a single mother was, to say the least, discriminated against but my mother was a proud woman who worked hard from the day he left to the day she could hardly walk. She refused to take any kind of welfare, not even food stamps.

My mom died at 51 years young from a broken heart and the hard life she had undertaken.
Earning less than a man in her position, she had to work three jobs to make up the difference. Leaving early in the morning and not returning till well after dark.

I learned respect for hard work and on my 16th birthday I applied for working papers.
On the way home from school I stopped by the local supermarket and applied for a job where I earned $1.85 an hour and handed my check to my mother.

I still graduated from high school. And since then have been constantly working for a better life for my family. I saved and at times went hungry, slept in a storage shed, a car and couches belonging to friends. But I never gave up.
I saved for a down payment and bought a house. Now I finally paid off my home it’s free and clear. It’s our only savings.
I’ve never had enough to save or invest nor the knowledge of how to work the market. But I did know that my house would build up equity. By the time I would retire I would not be rich maybe not even too comfortable. But I would be able to support my wife and myself in our golden years.

This dream is all but fading, not because of the fall of the housing market we can wait it out. Bunk! My wife and I worked hard our whole life. I never accepted assistance. I never accepted any funds, not a penny. Nothing that I did not earn without hard work, blood, sweat and yes, tears. Now I have a nice home that I share with my wife and two grown boys. My wife and I are trying to give our boys a chance to establish their own life. That’s what family’s do.

It seems to have paid off; all too soon our boys will have made a good start for their families. I am so proud.
All my life I have been a liberal democrat. I was raised by my mother and grandmother who stayed at home with us boys, always saying republicans are communists and with this influence I remained a democrat. That is until now.

If the democrats get their way when it comes time for my wife and I to down size and reap the small reward we worked so hard for it will be taken from us and I fear we will have to apply for welfare.
The catch is in down sizing we will have a small house with no debt but without any savings as well. We will loose our life savings, our profit from selling our house. It will be taxed as a windfall. Obama, a democrat, is going to take it and like a communist, redistribute it to people who won’t work unlike people who can’t work. I call them entitlement specialists. And because we will still be home owners with out a debt we will not be eligible for so called assistance.

Instead our life savings will go to people who are entitlement specialists. The far left liberals will take at least 28% most probably 50% as our home should be worth more than $250,000.00 after down sizing.
My homes value was not meant to redistribute to the masses. Less fortunate people, now that’s a hard piece to digest and my heart goes out to too those who, for some legitimate reason, can not work. If you’re healthy you should go to school and work just as my mother, my wife, my sons and I did.

I was taught to help and will be glad to donate to legitimate charities. That is what charity is for. Sorry but I don’t believe in welfare, I believe in hard work and pride in ones accomplishments. My hands bled my back hurts, I walk with a limp and am now disabled and collect S.S. Disability insurance that I paid for.

I am eligible for further assistance but still won’t apply for that assistance I did not work all these years just to collect charity. Obama please don’t make me. Don’t let him make you a beggar as well.

Judaism and communism cannot be the same. You must choose one or the other.
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« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2009, 04:54:38 PM »

My parents were southern baptists, when I was a child I went to baptist, pentecostal and catholic church. I just went without caring about the name of the church. I have never had bias against different religions, I may not agree with them but this is America and I have always believed that religion is a personal choice.

My question is "If you do not follow the basic tenets of your religion, if you do not go to church, temple, mosque then are you truly of that religion?" If you actively support and do the very things that your religion is against are  you of that religion?

Can you be a good catholic or baptist and be an abortion doctor?

My query is "just because your parents are of a religion does that automatically make you of that religion?" Most people would say no. If you do not believe in God then you are not a religious person no matter who  your parents are. that is just a fact.

In answer to the topic posted above, I do not consider the word jew as a race but a religion and a lot of your very liberal "jews" have probably been to a temple less than I have. they use the fact that they were born of jewish parents to sway the opinions of the people who are active in the jewish religion. they are trusted because they are descendents of people of the jewish religion.

There are liberals of every ethnic and religious background, but they are separate from their people in the fact that they do not believe in God, in taking responsibility for your own actions, in morality.

We are being socially engineered to rely on government welfare, even encouraged to do so. Sex is one of the ways, have all the sex you want and the government will pay you for it either by free abortions or welfare checks. We are being turned into a country of prostitutes. Have children so you can get on the welfare, not because you actually want them.

We are being taught there is no God, and evil does not exist. If it feels good, do it. Anyone who dares to speak out against the lack of morals in this country is shouted down because we are bad people. Liberals and atheist use the word Christian as an insult should we say anything they disagree with.

I think it is time for the American people to put aside ethnic and religious differences and fight the enemy who is destroying us from within. The ultra-liberals who promote distrust, envy, hatred and just plain mean-heartedness. Otherwise we may just find ourselves being dragged out of our beds at night and being shot by obama's personal security force that he thinks we need because our police are not enough to protect us in our homes.

True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made.

Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945) Thirty-second President of the USA.

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