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Author Topic: THE TRIGGER  (Read 1181 times)
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« on: September 06, 2009, 05:17:38 AM »

The Trigger

It is my belief that the Obama Regime  speaks in code. He has a think tank just to come up with key words and phrases that are found to be comforting to certain groups of people, as well as words not to use like TERRORIST, ISLAMIC MILITANT, WAR ON TERROR.

It is my thought that the word TRIGER is one word they think of as a good one, 
Lets see now, TRIGER a word that christian conservative people might find nonthreatening. Everyone knows that the Conservative Bible thumping PISTOLE packing people opposed to the health care bill love their guns and what is on a gun?
That’s right Trigger.
Wrong it’s the word that really made me think about what plot Pelosi and Frank is hatching. I say Pelosi and Frank because someone is pulling the strings that Obama is shackled to.

Well like some guns this word just might have backfired.

Did they think the people would accept a clause to open the door for government run health care if they slipped it in using the word TRIGER. A condition that would allow government run health care if the insurance companies do not reach a benchmark, a benchmark that would be determined by this regime. A TRIGER, just like a last minute amendment without being read, it too would not be acceptable. Write your legislators today tomorrow and the next day, we must not allow this.

If you need help in contacting your representative and or Senator, see Find your congressman/woman on the left side on The Republic Revealed’s home page and click on it.
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