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Author Topic: Who Is (Or Better Put) What Does Obama Really Stand For?  (Read 3694 times)
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Who Is (Or Better Put) What Does Obama Really Stand For?

Who I found supporting Obama (or; Obama supporting who) are socialists that want not only welfare for all the people, but to fundamentally change the government that our forefathers created. To fundamentally change our Republic, change it to a Communist government, an Oligarchy.

To do so they must make the people want change and then to be dependant on the socialist government they would put in its place.
This movement has been around for many years, Obama is not the first but he is the most successful.

Obama started as a community organizer. Did you know what organization he started with?

Here I added the fundamentals from the
GAMALIEL FOUNDATION, one of the first community organizations that Comrade Obama worked at.
It was founded and based on the Marxist writings of Saul Alinsky, an avid communist and accomplished community organizer.
These are just some of Saul’s words.
In Rules for Radicals Saul Alinsky outlines his strategy in organizing and revolution, “the only way to overthrow this government.”(The United States).
"There's another reason for working inside the system. Dostoevsky said that taking a new step is what people fear most. Any revolutionary CHANGE must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward CHANGE among the mass of our people. They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and CHANGE the future. This acceptance is the reformation essential to any revolution.”

It is very important to remember the above words as you will often see a parallel to all of Comrade Obama’s actions, as well as speeches.  
Obama learned from the GAMALIEL FOUNDATION.

1. Loretta Augustine-Herron, a member of the DCP board that hired him, remembers him as someone who always followed the high road. "You've got to do it right," she recalls him insisting. "Be open with the issues. Include the community instead of going behind the community's back--and he would include people we didn't like sometimes. (I GUESS THIS WOULD BE PEOPLE LIKE AIPAC.  THE SAME JEWS HE IS NOW PLACING UNDER THE BUS BY LEAVING ISRAEL TO STAND ALONE FACEING A NUCLEAR IRAN, AS YOU CAN SEE HE USED THEM TO GAIN POWER. NOW MAYBE THE AIPAC WILL SEE IT TOO.)
You've got to bring people together. If you exclude people, you're only weakening yourself. If you meet behind doors and make decisions for them, they'll never take ownership of the issue."

After the GAMALIEL FOUNDATION came organizations like ACORN. Comrade Obama followed through with Saul’s teachings. He brought the communist movement to a new level.

He started building a base of followers by looking for a cause, he found a great one. In the form of demanding healthier, better living conditions by removing asbestos from low income housing, having earned the trust of the back yard organizations, he then infiltrated the school systems under the false notion of providing a better education for the underprivileged and supplemented classes in SOCIAL ACTIVISM not academics. (Check the records, hard to find but available). To bad the Comrade did not supplement them in reading, writing and arithmetic, that way they might have had a fighting chance to better their station in life just as the Commissar did.

That is what Obama supported instead of providing what should have been a proper education in the academic arts.

One priority is never to educate the people enough so they could better themselves and provide a better life for their future generations.

After all a socialist regime can only work in a stagnant society, it can not be effectively maintained if the people have been educated in academics, people with an education in academics develop a drive, an instinct to advance their lives for the better, to further enhance the mind, provide food so they never go hungry, a more comfortable home, to advance ones self esteem.

For socialism to succeed the people must not be educated they must be kept under the yoke of ignorant oppression, slaves to the Liberal socialists who depend on their ignorance. This so the socialists can farm the votes of the poor uneducated people. People that without a proper education will never question why, but under the instruction of the overseers, the masters who do the best they can to dumb down America, will remain slaves.

1. italic, quotes taken from  THE NATION. Obama's Community Roots
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