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« on: October 02, 2009, 11:04:54 PM »

Dear Sharon,
        How are you? I am feeling fine. I was just thinking of how nice it would be to visit Jerusalem. I have never been there and I always wanted to go.

I wanted to visit the wailing wall and say a prayer for my family. But as you know I can not afford to go. However, you have had the good fortune to have been there.

I was wondering if you could describe to me how it was to have just stepped of the plane, you know, the feeling you had as your foot first touched the ground. Oh, how I long for that feeling, I wish so hard that I could get the same exhilaration that you must have felt with each breath you took.

How did that feel? Knowing our people at last had found a safe haven, a place that can welcome its people home. A people that had for two millennium been rejected from most societies all over the world, to see, feel and taste the blessing that was anointed upon our people.

I have bought books with pictures of the holy land depicting the sights that our people have missed for 2000 years. Pictures so I can look at and imagine that I was there. Sights available to all the people of the world that can now see and feel and enjoy.

I say feel because you can not step foot in the holy land look about and not feel something without it touching your heart. I ask this as I know I will never get the chance to visit the holy land. Note I did not say my homeland as my homeland is America. America has given me the rights that I enjoy so much.

These felling made me love and feel more American than one could imagine.
Even knowing the mistakes America has made.
Yes, I studied our history and I am knowledgeable of it, of times when America refused to help our people, times under Woodrow Wilson and even Roosevelt who denied refuge to the ship of fools, a simple gesture of sanctuary that would have saved hundreds of men women and children. Instead they were shipped back to Germany and disposed of.

Yes, America had made many mistakes and not just to our people, Americans of African decent have suffered as we did under Pharaoh. Americans whose ancestors came from Mexico, some who fought with Sam Huston for the freedom and independence that eventually led to the republic of Texas, Yes they too suffered and some still do.

America is a Republic, a country ruled by law. The people elect their legislators to make these laws. It is this that makes America the best country in the world. We can vote no matter what religion or race you are, and for the most part the legislators listen to us. That is if enough of us stand up and make our voices heard, we have to speak loud, sometimes shout so we can be heard over the professional lobbyists.

But with the internet this has been made easy. I have since written many letters to our government. This brings me to why I have written this letter to you, why I asked you about your experience in Israel.

Why did you vote for a Marxist, even after I informed you, provided proof as to his agenda, an agenda he laid out in the books he wrote, his speeches and his voting record. Did you not see the destruction of Israel in his plan?

Are you so Marxist that you were made blind to his ambition. You must be a Marxist, and to be a Marxist you can not believe in G/d but only the Government that will supposedly support a people indoctrinated to be submissively dependant on the government. Why is it that you went to Israel in the first place?
Did you since lose your faith in G/d? I did not, nor did I loose my faith in America.

There is overwhelming evidence that President Obama lied to our people. He lied over and over again during his campaign for the highest office in the land. Is it not apparent to you that he will do nothing to deter Iran from developing a nuclear weapon?
Do you realize the only result will be the total destruction of the one country, other than America, that welcomes with open arms a Jew?

What did it feel like to take that first step in Israel? I want to know that feeling, a feeling that thanks to you and Marxists like you I will never have the opportunity to have.

Thank you and I hope and pray for your soul you find G/d again. Maybe with G/d in your heart you will see the light that is freedom. G/d Bless America.
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