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Author Topic: What we need is a Health Insurance Policy not a Health Care Policy  (Read 1971 times)
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Victor Laslow
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« on: July 28, 2009, 04:11:35 AM »

What we need is a Health Insurance Policy not a Health Care Policy  

People from all over the world come to America for the superior Health Care provided in the U.S.A. It is the best health care in the world.  

What we need is a way to bring down the cost of insurance as well as some health care cost. Health care costs in record keeping, information sharing, medical testing would be a good start. There are several ways to help these circumstances.

To keep Health Care in America the best we need the best doctors, now as far as good doctors go, Governor Huckabee is right, we need the smartest students continuing with their education, “I want the smart guy to be my Dr.” “Why would a person go through four times the education if they know their income will be restricted.”

That takes incentive.
A doctor or highly trained medical support staff should earn a decent comfortable living, we must understand doctors and medical specialists deserve a good salary and should not have a salary cap, if anyone deserves the high income that rewards superior work, it should be your doctor. We must acknowledge the long hard challenge it takes to become a doctor, the extended years of education, the stress, the sacrifice of a normal lifestyle, a Dr. is on call 24 hours a day and at some time or another, your life will be in his/her hands. “Don’t you want the Dr. taking care of you to have been the smartest student in the class?” And not the one who settled for it because it made him or her a little more money than digging a ditch.

Start with Education
Our nation’s level of education has been dropping more and more.
Our young people are getting degrees less often, every year we diminish the amount of highly educated people that are required to fill the needs of our growing medical community.

This must be addressed perhaps with special incentive education loans offered to students in the medical field, grants for those who otherwise could not afford but have the talent and drive to excel in their field. This way we as a people will continue to provide the worlds best Health Care.

There are other ways to achieve health coverage for all and still pay our doctors the income they deserve.

It is the access to insurance that can really use improvement.
We must provide the means so that everybody can be insured at the same cost or close to that which is offered to the large groups.

Here are a couple of steps to lower health care cost and provide insurance for all.
First I would like to thank Representative Bill Posey (R) Fl. For his input.

Step 1.

Note; out of all the insured people in the U.S.A. 80% of the them have help from either a large group, unions or an employer that contributes, this lowers the cost due to the buying power of these large groups, this enables the same 80% to afford the cost of insurance because of the lower premiums offered to large groups.
It is the law of supply and demand.

If a group network was made available for everybody who is uninsured but wants to be insured, as well as the remaining 20% of the already insured, those who have no group and pay higher premiums. Their buying power would be tremendous.

Sit back and watch capitalism at its best.
The insurance companies will bid over who gets to offer their services to these new groups,
•   We would lower the cost of health insurance premiums for everyone with no restrictions or denial do to pre existing conditions

•   The insurance companies will not be nationalized.

Step 2.

Here are real good ways to control the cost of medical care and what should be done with some of the stimulus funds.
•   Restrict the lawyers to stop frivolous malpractice law suits
•   Create privately owned group non profit Insurance providers and Community Health Care Centers,  model them after non profit credit unions.
•   Small individual companies owned by doctors or a small group medical provider co.
•   In network for buying power
•   All the professional staff gets paid as much as any other in their profession,
•   No big board members to give bonus money too.
•   Maybe small business loans for seed money to establish small
     Community Health Care Centers. Centers that would offer benefit services to all.
•   More smaller community health care facilities in highly populated areas would help take the burden off the overcrowded emergency rooms.

Remember the law of supply and demand?

The larger the group the more buying power, now I believe no one should be forced into buying health insurance but in the greatest country in the world it should be available to everyone.

So to help enlarge the membership an incentive to entice the young (who otherwise feel invulnerable) to join, they should be perhaps offering a lower lifetime premium with no more cost increase than the cost of living increase should there be any, or one that increases with age, maybe special plans such as catastrophic health care good only for emergency’s or sudden major illness. There are two choices we have now one an HMO basically for those who feel well, they at some time may choose to transfer over to a PPO at an older age, While others chose the PPO from the beginning for the better coverage.

This way everyone who wants it could afford it. The people on or below the poverty level and find it hard to pay for insurance, should be offered public assistance, possibly medicaid if necessary.

Victor Laslow
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« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2009, 09:08:15 PM »

Boy, if we think health care is expensive now, just wait!! If this thing passes none of us will be able to afford care and most of use will lose what good care we have now.

The following is an important bit of info for the people who don't insure themselves, their home, their car or anything else:    If you are a deadbeat, it's probably a good deal for you. You probably didn't have insurance to begin with. Been freeloading off the rest of us for years so why change now.
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