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Author Topic: This is the Health Care bill that will be up for vote  (Read 1689 times)
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« on: July 30, 2009, 10:47:16 PM »

I sent this email is to everyone in my mailing list.

You are important to me, or you would not be there.
Please read this, it’s not a chain email this is from me Mark  this is the a copy of the Health Care Bill up for consideration soon to be voted on.
My question is; does Obama want to kill us all?
That’s a thought and here is what congress is going to vote on.
The following link is the governments:
House Ways and Means Comity.   
 ‘‘America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009’’     
If you think it’s a fake site here is the site you can copy and paste in your search window.
Everyone will be covered, but to pay for it you will lose quality health care and trade it for an x-ray or 2, an aspirin, if it's not to expensive some cheap flue medicine, and be thankful for that. It will be illegal to get better coverage than what the government offers.
Once you are eligible for Medicare, that is age 62 or 65 depending on when you wish to retire, by Law your health care provider must give you classes in how to dehydrate yourself refuse nutrition and to make end of life more comfortable, they must teach you how to contact and receive the benefits from Hospice Care and they have to visit this consultation upon you every 5 years, yes that’s write every 5 years your doctor or provider, will by law have to teach you this bile. You don’t believe me? read page 425 of the ‘‘America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009’’.
Will you be able to keep your currant health plan offered by the provider you now have?
No matter what after 5 years from the date this bill goes into effect your plan will automatically convert to the only plan the government allows. See page 17 line11 paragraph A. if you think you are immune think again. Did you vote for this kind of reform, no more joint hip replacement, no more heart bypasses, no major medical procedures that would extend your life, the cut off age is when you are eligible for Medicare. And you know that lady Obama said should take the pill. The joke is Medicare won’t cover it. Do you think your coverage will not change? It will and automatically if not then within 5 years no more! Everybody goes! Unless you are a member of the government, then you’re covered for life. You will have no choice. Read the whole bill. If you don’t you will pay more than money you will pay with your life.
Do you have a Mother or Father say 60 years old maybe 55 or 57, maybe it’s you how old are you 40, 46, are you ready to let someone else tell you it’s time to quit.   
Its no joke this is the actual bill up in congress now!!!!!!!!!!
Write to your House Representative and your Senator now let them know you will vote them out if they pass this bill. Tell them you read it, and then ask them if they did. You can find out who represents you and links to contact them by going to and you do not have to be a member.
This is not a chain letter it is not a way to collect email addresses this letter is from Mark please read this letter and if you find it informative as I hope you will, pass it not just to 10 people but to everybody in your contact list. It’s up to us and nobody else. is a free information site, please visit the site if you wish, if not its okay but don’t sit there and do nothing.

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