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Author Topic: WHY YOU SHOULD AND HOW YOU CAN HELP  (Read 1278 times)
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Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

        On the same day that President Obama signed his
        healthcare "reform" bill in a White House ceremony,
        Liberty Counsel filed a lawsuit to stop it in
        Federal District Court.  Although socialists may
        be celebrating their so-called "victory" today,
        this battle has just begun!  Please read below - Mat.

D.A., I'm sure you are finding it difficult to watch
giddy liberal Democrats celebrating the passage of ObamaCare.
That's because you and I know that their "win" comes at the
expense of our Constitution and through the complete
marginalization of the will of the American people.

Here are just a few of the realities that make this such a
bitter experience:

    Fact One:  ObamaCare was unconstitutional from the
    beginning!  Congress NEVER had the power to force
    Americans to buy health insurance or to force employers
    to provide health insurance.

    Fact Two:  It is always difficult for Americans to watch
    cheaters win.  That's why we insist on placing asterisks
    after questionable records.  And we all know this bill was
    passed under extreme "Chicago Rules."

    Fact Three: No Democrat has yet come up with a credible
    estimate of what this monstrosity is going to cost. When it
    comes time to actually pay for ObamaCare, Americans are
    going to have the biggest case of buyer's remorse in our
    nation's history.

    Fact Four: All across America, men and women of good
    will are asking themselves how they can live with the
    fact that their tax dollars may soon pay for abortions.

D.A., those are just a few of the reasons why Liberty
Counsel filed our lawsuit…and why it MUST succeed.

++Socialists twisted the system to get their prize.

Only by using the convoluted combination of "reconciliation"
(that was never meant to be applied to this sort of legislation)
and the threat of using the "Slaughter House Rule" (set aside
only after Democrat leaders were assured of the "Stupak
Sellout"), this so-called victory was disgracefully obtained.

That's not "sour grapes"… that's the plain truth. And with
a CNN poll taken the day after the House vote showing 59% of
Americans are still in strong opposition to ObamaCare,
Barack Obama has been forced to go back on the campaign
trail to try to "sell" his socialization of American medicine.

That means we're in for more, "let me do a better job of
explaining why you're going to love this plan" speeches and
other condescending, arrogant assertions.  Please, Mr. President, we "get
it" just fine.

++Americans have lost confidence in the legislative process.

At every step of the way in ObamaCare's long march through
Congress, the liberal Democrat leaders used trickery, overt
manipulation, and out-and-out vote buying to thwart the
American people's clearly expressed opposition to their
socialist takeover of our medical system.

Here's what the 111th Congress has forced down our throats:

    *  Abortion coverage Americans don't want
    *  Exorbitant costs Americans don't want
    *  Mandatory participation Americans don't want
    *  New federal bureaucracies Americans don't want
    *  A vast expansion of IRS power Americans don't want

++Our Constitution has been subverted right before our eyes.

D.A., the "checks and balances" our Founders
gave us are being systematically overpowered and dismantled
by the Obama/Pelosi/Reid power axis.  Never before has
the will of the American people been so completely

Liberty Counsel has filed our complaint in order to protect
the American people from a total government takeover.  I
am not being an alarmist - the very survival of the
constitutional republic our Founders gave us hangs in
the balance!

    ObamaCare is unconstitutional!  If Congress has the
    power to FORCE each person to have health insurance,
    then individual liberty is totally meaningless.

That's why we need hundreds of thousands of Americans to sign
our Statement of Support for this litigation. Given the sad
spectacle we saw play out in the House of Representatives
this weekend, we must now win this battle in a court of law.

If you haven't done so already, please click below to sign
your official Statement of Support.  If you have already
signed, PLEASE forward this entire message to as many
like-thinking friends as possible:

++ ObamaCare was unlawful from its conception.

There were MANY reasons why Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi
allowed no one but their closest insiders - and the
White House arm twisters, of course - to participate
in developing and managing ObamaCare. For one thing,
its "Tooth Fairy" accounting couldn't stand up to even
mild scrutiny.

But the biggest reason was that Congress had NO AUTHORITY
to force its socialist healthcare agenda on citizens and
businesses in the first place!

The bill that passed the House of Representatives on
Sunday night is unconstitutional because:

    1)  Congress has NO authority to force every American
        to carry insurance coverage, and,
    2)  Congress has NO authority to fine employers whose
        policies do not have the mandated coverage.

No matter the desires of Obama, Pelosi and Reid, there are
some things Congress just cannot do!  And the threat to our
liberty posed by ObamaCare goes FAR beyond healthcare.  If
Congress can get away with this expansive power grab, then
individual liberty and state sovereignty will soon vanish.

Nancy Pelosi said as much last week when she told reporters
that after "kicking down the door" with ObamaCare, her
Congress will push through the rest of its ultraliberal agenda.

EVERY version of the "healthcare reform" bill this Congress
produced - even considering whatever "reconciliation" issues
are eventually appended to the Senate version - is patently

D.A., this monstrous, anti-life, anti-family
healthcare bill MUST now be strongly challenged in the
federal judiciary. Liberty Counsel is doing exactly that!

++The battle over ObamaCare is just beginning.

Now more than ever, the socialists and abortion advocates
need to understand that WE HAVE NOT GIVEN UP and will
resist implementation of ObamaCare to the very end.  Now WE'LL SEE THEM IN
COURT!  And we have an excellent chance of winning our federal lawsuit.

Here's what I'm asking you to do…

#1 - Sign the Statement of Support for our lawsuit.  If you
have already done so, please forward this message to twenty
or thirty like-minded friends.

We want to deliver hundreds of thousands of these Statements
to all the key plotters behind ObamaCare.  Reid, Pelosi,
Obama and all their confederates need to know they're not
going to get away with this travesty!  Go here right now:

#2 - Call your Representative's and your Senators' offices.

Please… take a moment to call your Representative and your
two Senators and let them know you are OUTRAGED by the way
ObamaCare was handled.  Then let them know you will be
supporting litigation against this unconstitutional bill.

Sen. Nelson        202-224-5274

Sen. LeMieux        202-224-3041

Rep. Mica        202-225-4035

#3 - Pray for Liberty Counsel's success in court.  Pray for
God's deliverance from being forced to pay for abortions
and from the overt deceit and trickery that has become
the norm from the Obama/Pelosi/Reid power axis.  PLEASE
keep the heat on, especially now that the socialists
have played their hand.

And, of course, this litigation is going to be very
expensive.  Please prayerfully consider a significant
gift to help offset Liberty Counsel's expenses to mount
a major constitutional challenge to ObamaCare.

I have appended a copy of Liberty Counsel's official
News Release about our lawsuit next to your Statement
of Support. You can see it and sign your Statement of
Support for litigation against ObamaCare by going here:

Now is NOT the time to be silent!  Join like-minded Americans
who will be putting the plotters on notice that we have
filed a federal lawsuit to stop this power grab once and for all.

God bless you,

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S.  This battle is NOT over, no matter how much the
Pelosi/Reid/Obama power axis wants us to think that it is.
Sign your Statement of Support for our lawsuit so we can
win this phase of the battle in court and in the court
of public opinion!

And please pray! There is always hope in God! Also, let
your Senators and Representative know that you WILL hold
them accountable for their decisions on ObamaCare and its
outrageous handling.  WE MUST NOT SUBMIT to this tyranny!
Once again, thank you for praying and speaking out.

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Note: Please do not "reply" directly to this e-mail message.
This e-mail address is not designed to receive your personal
messages. To contact Liberty Counsel with comments, questions
or to  change your status, see the link at the end of this e-mail.)
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+ + Comments? Questions?


Liberty Counsel, with offices in Florida, Virginia and
Washington, D.C., is a nonprofit litigation, education and
policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom,
the sanctity of human life and the traditional family.

Liberty Counsel . PO Box 540774 . Orlando, FL 32854 .800-671-1776

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